Nippers is a junior program that introduces children aged 5  to 7 (Micro-Nippers) or 8 to 14 (Nippers) to surf and still water lifesaving. It is a fun outdoors activity that grows a child’s confidence, teaches valuable life skills and knowledge about the aquatic/marine environment. The youth of today are the future of Life Saving, and the Nippers pathway teaches lessons and skills allowing them to continue in lifesaving, and carry over into other sporting codes and life in general as they grow older.




  Improve Social Skills and Team Building

  Self Confidence and Self Esteem

 Beach Safety and Sun Sense

  Encourage Confidence in the Water

  Meeting and Making Friends

  Loads of Fun

 Preparation for future lifesaving


The emphasis is on Participation and Fun. Activities include surf safety and first aid, swimming, body board paddling (U10 and U12), knee board or Malibu paddling (U12 and U14), and beach activities: beach running, relays, sprints and flags. Clubs participate in Inter-Club, Provincial Championships, and National Championships and everyone who has passed their Level Award can take part.


In order to join Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club you need to attend an open day or a trial day, fill out an Annual Membership Form, pay the season’s fees and supply the Club with a copy of your Birth Certificate or ID. The season runs from September until April and fees are due by the end of October every year. For more info contact us.

Want to join our Nipper community?

Email info@cliftonsurf.co.za to find out more about our memberships or fill in your details on our contact form.


Your age group is worked out by the age that you are on the 1st October of every year


Age on 1st October Age Age Group Level Award
7 or younger Micro Micro N/A
8 Under 9 U10 Level 1
9 Under 10 U10 Level 1
10 Under 11 U12 Level 2
11 Under 12 U12 Level 2
12 Under 13 U14 Level 3
13 Under 14 U14 Level 3
Nippers are aged 8- 13 years old! but if you are younger you can join Micro Nippers where you do not do a Pool Test or the Awards. You can't enter competitions but we organise an Inter-Club Micro Nipper Fun Day every year for you. Micro Nippers are taught water safety and the coachers start to prepare you for the Nipper programme with similar exercises and disciplines.
You first need to attend a trial day or open day and join Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club. This involves filling out an Annual Membership Form, paying the season’s fees and supplying the Club with a copy of your Birth Certificate or ID. You will also need to do a Pool Competency Test every year. This is for both competency and safety but is also essential if you wish to enter competitions.After passing this test you are eligible to do the Nipper Level Awards and participate in the Competitions (Carnivals). This is all really easy to do and the Carnivals lots of fun and you get to meet kids from other clubs.
No! If you do not want to compete in Competitions you do not have to, but you will still have to complete the Level Awards for safety and fitness reasons – you can just be a ‘fun’ member and participate in all the training and intra-club activities.
Your age group is worked out by the age that you are on the 1st October 2016. But you can also have a look at the table at the bottom of the page!
No, we encourage our Nippers to make use of the club equipment with permission and under supervision if you are not with your coach! Equipment can be used as long as it is always washed and properly packed away after you have used it!

Nippers is a junior activity program run to educate children about surf safety, develop their beach awareness and teach them the skills to competently swim in the ocean. Children aged 5 to 13 years old gain confidence through our Sunday nipper days in a safe beach environment, while meeting new friends, having fun and working towards becoming a future surf lifesaver.