At Clifton Surf you build lifelong friendships, experience new limits to life and learn useful skills.

Our Club has a strong history dating back many years with strong traditions. We are confident that your joining the Clifton Surf Family will be joyful and momentous for you, your son or daughter, and your family.

Lifesaving in South Africa started in 1913 after a visit by Sir William Henry, then Secretary of the

Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) with Headquarters in London. Surf Lifesaving Clubs were first formed in Natal in 1927 and over the years spread to the rest of the coastal beaches of our country.

Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club was established in 1956. Our Club consists of Masters, qualified

Lifeguards over the age of 30 years old; Juniors and Seniors, qualified Lifeguards between the ages of 14 and 29; Nippers, Lifeguards-in- Training between the ages of 8 and 13; Micro Nippers between the ages of 5 and 7; as well as Parents and Social Members.

Clifton is not only about becoming a lifeguard or protecting and serving the people and tourists of Cape Town, but when you join Clifton you build lifelong friendships, experience new limits to life and learn useful skills.

In the course you or your son/daughter will learn to confidently rescue people in dangerous situations in open water and provide effective and efficient medical care that can be lifesaving. You or your son/daughter will become the guardian angel to those in desperate need of help and will be providing a valuable service to the community and country.

“The finest thing that a man can do is save the life of a fellow being.”

This is what Lifesaving is about.

We hope you or your son/daughter will have some of their fondest memories of their life at Clifton, serving and protecting the people and tourists of Cape Town.


Fill out the Membership Form, pay the season’s fees and supply the Club with a copy of your Birth Certificate or ID. The season runs from September until April and fees are due by the end of October every year. All new Nippers need to attend either and open day or a trial day before registering with Clifton Surf. For more information email