Over the years we have been and are still fortunate to have many of our Masters as members and parents of a significant number of Nippers and in some cases juniors and some active committee members. This is probably the ultimate test of any club and a reflection of our club ethos.

Masters are members over the age of 30 years. Masters need to have a qualification: a Bronze Medallion (BM), a Surf Proficiency Award (SPA) or a Surf Lifeguard Award (SLA or LA). The Bronze Medallion is still awarded in countries overseas and recognised as the minimum requirement to be a Lifeguard.

The Surf Lifeguard Award (SLA or LA), prior to 2003 referred to as the Surf Proficiency Award (SPA), is the standard qualification required to perform lifeguard duties, be this in a voluntary or professional role. Masters wishing to compete in the annual competitions do not require Duty Hours or a Retest. If they wish to do Duty, an Annual Retest is still required.

Category Age
A 30-34
B 35-39
C 40-44
D 45-49
E 50-54
F 55-59
G 60-64
H 65-69
I 70+

Team Events with 3 Competitors

(Beach Relay):

Age Group is determined by the aggregate age of the Competitors. The team members add their respective ages together to determine their category:

  • 110-129 years
  • 130-149 years
  • 150-169 years
  • 170 years +

Team Events with 2 Competitors

(Board Rescue & Double Ski):

Age Group is determined by the age of the youngest Competitor:

  • Category A-I (see table on left)