Juniors and Seniors

As a Junior or Senior at Clifton SLC you are required to have done your JLA or LA, depending on your age. Qualified Juniors and Seniors are also required to do annual retests to ensure that they are up to date on the best techniques and that they are physically capable of completing the possible tasks of a lifeguard. Juniors range from the age of 14-18 years old and Seniors from 19+ years old. As a Junior competitor there are various age categories, namely, U15, U17 and U19 that you can compete in. The Juniors and Seniors of Clifton make up all the members who are responsible for the safety of our beaches over the seasons' weekends and public holidays, thus they play a vital role in keeping the Club alive.


Junior membership has been gathering momentum and currently we have a healthy 45 and growing every season. Juniors is a natural progression if you were a nipper and if not then the age category (14-18yrs) that allows access to active lifeguarding on our beaches for young teenagers, an essential life skill and great outdoor recreational activity.


Current membership is around 20 with many of the current seniors having started out as nippers and still fulfilling vital leadership roles as active lifeguards on our beaches. At this level (19yrs and older) it becomes a test of dedication to not only club but also lifeguarding as other demands such as employment and tertiary education on these young adults time begins to increase.



You need to join Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club. This involves filling out an Annual Membership Form, paying the season’s fees and supplying the Club with a copy of your Birth Certificate or ID. The season runs from September until April and fees are due by the end of October every year.